Doom's an overwhelmingly male dominated genre, though there have been some great exceptions such as the Iowa's Mythical Beast whose album from a few years back remains an under-heralded gem of the form. That album remains massively dark throughout but what's compelling about the debut tape from SSSTORMSHELTERRRR is that they mix a dark, sludgy doom with a vocal timbre that brings to mind Frankie Rose heading up a monolithic wave of destruction. At only three songs long the S/T cassette, released in a scant 50 run on Austin's Monofonous Press, is a crushing reminder of how a good balance of light and dark can be achieved. The tape is a good jumping off point for the band and it'll be interesting to see how they expand their beautiful sludge into the album format. Pick one up quickly below.

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dig the track and th ededication to a music blog. keep up the good posts and good art.IStillGotMyGuitar

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