Birds of Maya had a rather famously blistering live set but when the members set off in solo directions Mike Polizze (Purling Hiss) took the blast and Jason Killinger took the boogie. Killinger's undertaken the name Spacin' and that seems to sum up this album of Velvet-toasted, fidelity smashed rockers interspersed by Ash-Ra Worshiping interludes that poke into 70's cop soundtracks and Latin funk. The album spins the dials on stoner rock like a channel flipped blur that feels soaked in taco grease and resin. Many have tried for the effortless mesh of rolling paper crackle and power groove thrust but few have done it with such duct taped boombox appeal. Deep Thuds knows just when to lay back and let the current take you and when to burn the guitars back into your skull, kick in the melody and knock out the kind of 70's rockers that weaned a million Midwest kids through grade school. Its not rocket science because frankly we're pretty sure Spacin' spent science class out behind the gym soaking up the inspiration for Deep Thuds.

[MP3] Spacin' - Empty Mind

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Anonymous Sean Orr said...

"Taco grease and resin". "rolling paper crackle and power groove thrust". Nice.

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