Sam Flax

Not to be confused with the NY art supply chain, Sam Flax is an L.A. warp-pop purveyor churning out 80's VHS refractions that fall down the same channels as Ariel Pink and to a lesser extent Jon Maus. Blurring the memory lines between glam and disco then making the neon pink waves of Dire Straits guitar lines float perfectly into place; Flax is a master at tip-of-the-tongue nostalgia. Each song seems like you just can't place the 80's "working hard" movie montage you first heard it in, but before the need to hit Google grabs hold; the dark-alley, dance-the-pain-out vibe snags your inhibitions and takes right over. Unlike his closest contemporaries, this first offering isn't so lo-fi that it’s mired in the hypnogogic hangover that befalls the James Ferraro end of the spectrum. It’s pretty clean and with time and a few flourishes it’s easy to see how a follow up will explode into glossy goodness. But for now, Age Waves has us entranced with its glittered sweat gyrations and tangled spools snap. It’s a record that feels instantly enmeshed in your life and only continues to dig deeper, making those false memories into new ones and jamming its choruses into your mind for good. The tape is out on Burger right now with an LP in the works. Keep an eye out for both.

Listen: "Fire Doesn't Burn Itself"

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Blogger TigerSoul said...

Really liking this track; anything with a major chord guitar tremolo does it for me! (BTW fellas, that would be Dire "Straits", but that's just the grammar police turning on the alarm.)

5:42 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Right you are. That's early morning editing for you and the damned spell check messing things up as usual.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Manel said...

I love this guy! just bought the record via bandcamp
Thanks for the hook!
great blog, keep it up!

hi from barcelona

4:24 PM  

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