Plankton Wat

RSTB readers should be no strangers to the name Dewey Mahood. The Portlandian has held down time in RSTB faves Eternal Tapestry, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Edibles and Garden Sound so it’s only natural that his latest solo stint in Plankton Wat should perk a few ears over here too. Spirits belies Mahood's work with labelmates Barn Owl and its parched Earth, sun scorched tones act as a perfect accompaniment to Jon Porras' recent album of time-displaced drone psych. Though the album is rooted in much deeper histories of the psychedelic plain, pulling from a history of kosmiche and fringe innovators like Sandy Bull, who’s recently released Sandy Bull and The Rhythm Ace comes to mind with its mix of oud improvisations and soft rhythmic percussion. The album finds a middle ground between East and West, rolling the string work of the Middle East through the rattlesnake infested high grass of the American plains. Its a meditative album that's frail and peaceful one moment and monolithic, dark and shamanistic the next. It’s a cycle of rituals that pass by in a fevered haze and each listen brings the images of firelight ghosts and grassy hilltops floating by in equal succession.

Plankton Wat - Spirits

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