Paco Sala

While recordings under Anthony Harrison's Konntinent moniker slice cleanly through experimental synth's waters, as Paco Sala he's begun a darkened tumble down a back alley of dub-inflated electronics that utilizes vocalist's Leyli's voice as a guiding force of shrouded pop fantasy. Certainly more accessible than his previous work but still feeling like a well kept secret, Ro-Me-Ro exists in a steamed glass box of humid synth strings, tunnel-echo percussion and sensuously slow tempos that skirt the lines of sexy and sinister. Harrison buoys Leyli's voice in honeyed tropicalia and foreboding synth menace at the same time, balancing her siren vocals with half-tempo demonic incantations that murmur in the background and dissipate in the fog. Konntinent had always intrigued me but it’s easy to see that Harrison had been saving his best for something else and luckily Digitalis was there to pick up on it. Nab this one quick for its enchanting tones and the equally impressive cover art by Marie-Pascale Hardy.


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