The Litter - Distortions
The Litter has often been shuffled away as merely a nuggets band, with their single "Action Woman" popping up on several compilations over the years, but their toughened strain of garage has become a touchstone for countless garage
bands to follow. They take the R&B backbone of early garage and move it closer to that proto-punk line than many of their predecessors but still keep a ragged edge of soul in their songs. Distortions is comprised mainly of covers, as was the standard but the band gives an urgent take on songs by The Who, Buffy St. Marie, Bo Diddley elevating some of the source material to garage classics. Sadly the band took too many wrong turns to survive much after this great album. As they progressed they dipped further into the psychedelic scene and diluted the though edge that made this album stand out. Passing on a few record offers didn't help matters and by the time they finally signed with a Major for their third album the band was missing members and had become a shadow of itself. Still this first shot of strum and rumble is a great reminder of what made The Litter one to search out.

[MP3] The Litter - Whatcha Gonna do About it

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been listening to this band for a while. I love some of their covers, although they're a bit one-dimensional. Their cover of "I'm a man" is great

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