Kangaroo - Kangaroo
Formed by Barbara Keith and N.D. Smart II (formerly of the also undersung Remains), Kangaroo is often lamented as not living up to the talent and potential they were blessed with. The real tragedy is that Keith's folk-rock vocals were
under used on the album and often relegated to backup status, though where she pops up, she shines. The album veers between a mix of 60's folk-rock, Southern rock and psychedelic indulgences and though these are often at odds with each other there are times when it gels into a pleasantly eclectic stew that seems evocative of the times it was created. The album could have benefited from removing some of the Southern rockers that seem almost forced and cartoonishly rural, with the band describing a frog hunting trip ("Frog Giggin") and the wonders of fried chicken ("Tweed's Chicken Inn"). Aside from these missteps, the group does have several moments when everything seems in alignment, as on the gorgeous and memorable "Daydream Stallion," and it alone proves the worth of this record. A few other nuggets are included as well and honestly I'm partial to some of Smart's 60's rollickers but ultimately the album would sell poorly and the band would dissolve with Keith going on to a more celebrated solo career.

[MP3] Kangaroo - Make Some Room in Your Life

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