Heavy Cream

There's very little about Heavy Cream's sophomore album Super Treatment that doesn't shake you like a kick to the clavicle. The Ty Segall produced album barrels out of your speakers like a sweat soaked tsunami and doesn't let up the pace once over its scant 26 minutes. Heirs apparent to the Runaways' toughened leather licks and rolled in cat-scratched wails that bring to mind fellow Nashville alums Be Your Own Pet's impetuous howl; Super Treatmemt tears doors down like a women's prison riot in 104 degree heat. The blink and its over pace would be the album's only downfall but who cares when each frantic track is just as great as the last. Its not rocket science but perfectly formed garage punk never is. Catharsis, pure and simple and we love every minute of it.

[MP3] Heavy Cream - John Johnny

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