Evan Caminiti

Honestly I'm not really sure when the two halves of Barn Owl ever find time to sleep. With their own prolific output, numerous collaborations and two solo careers that would make most artists blush with their constant output of quality; the pair are something to marvel at. On his first record for Immune, Evan Caminiti seems to have walked out of the dust coated desert that serves as a setting for so many of Barn Owl and co.'s releases and into the billowy coastal fog beyond. The album admittedly plays with kosmiche synth and dub themes, marrying them to the meditative guitar that has always been a focus of his work. Though here, the guitars poke tentatively through the swirling murk, never rising to the fervor and monolithic crescendos that Caminiti has worked like clay in the past. Night Dust is a much more darkly psychedelic record than he's turned out in the past, spending more time grasping at the lurking surroundings with eerie panic than laying them to waste with a charred slash of the strings. That panic is familiar though, or at least its close cousin unease, which finds its way into much of Barn Owl's catalog, but here it delves much deeper through the ink black looking glass, feeling more desperate and more all consuming than it has in the past. Night Dust isn't for the casual traveler. It’s for the serious kosmiche traveler looking to reach the nerve of despair and twist it until the truth comes out. Watch the video for "Returning Spirits" below.

Video Premiere - "Returning Sprits"

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