Cheap Time

Cheap Time is a living organism, mutating album to album but always revolving around a core of late 70's musical influences. The reliable lineup constant is main force Jeffery Novak, and with each album he reshapes and redefines the form that Cheap Time will take. Their first album bit us hard with its brand of snotty punk that dove into waters infested by The Quick and Milk n' Cookies paired with a much more ragged and frantic pulse. Their sophomore album, Fantastic Explanations dipped its toes a bit too far into Richard Davies' deep end and its pop excess wasn't exactly what we were hoping for. However, Wallpaper Music takes all the turns we expected would have shown up on that sophomore outing, digesting all of their past influences completely and it's a much stronger record for it. The album takes their snotty punk palette, caffeinated crunch of guitars and fuck-it-all heart on sleeve lyrical approach and grows it up a bit. Tougher and leaner than its predecessors, but with just as much bounce, the record rolls through Brit toughs like The Jam and Sex Pistols and ties on their Aussie counterparts The Saints before coating them all in that glam sheen that Novak seems to carry like a badge. Its a deep pocketed punk record that fully acknowledges those who blazed the trails while nicking the best bits and pinning them together into an excellently bristly album. Its some of the best and most accomplished work we've heard yet from the band and one you're going to want to check out.

[MP3] Cheap Time - Another Time

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