BI – Surf n' Turf 7"
There are a few artists whose involvement in a project perks ears around the RSTB outpost and makes for a need to check into said project immediately. Jimmy Hey is one of those people. His tenure in bands like the immeasurably good
Beachwood Sparks and the sorely underrated All Night Radio has led us to put a certain stock in the man's ability to give pop a new bent just when it needs it most. Add to that resume a role in shaping Ariel Pink's latest melted mind crossover and you begin to see why we're devotees. So, when news came across that Hey had sparked up collaboration with Black Dice deviant Eric Copeland, needless to say there was a healthy dose of curiosity brewing. The marriage of the two bi-coastal collaborators (BI, get the name now?) is just as one might expect; a psychedelic pop odyssey that mangles kaleidoscopic pop through a dozen prisms of sound and motion. It’s the natural extension of what All Night Radio began and a pretty strong contender for our favorite single of the year so far. A strong enough single to be considered a double a-side with both tracks coming across like lost 60's sunshine pop left in the oven and warbling happily against your stylus. Here's hoping that the pair kept the pen pal sessions up long enough to forge an album out of this!


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This is just great

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