Woolen Kits

More excellent, scrappy pop from the down under enclave of R.I.P. Society (Circle Pit, Royal Headache, Naked on the Vague). Woolen Kits fit somewhere between the shores of their close proximity Kiwi neighbors and the stripped-down clamor of Beat Happening. The record weaves and wobbles through treads left by both and of the two singers going here one's got dead on Calvin Johnson croak. Still it seems like any fans of the current Aussie indie pop explosion a la The Twerps, Blank Realm or one of the few mentioned above should be down with the shaggy shake that emanates from Woolen Kits' speakers. Above the jangle and rumble the boys crank out a positivity that's sometimes sorely missing of late and in addition to the fun of the rest of the record that makes this on a joy every time it comes on. As usual the South Hemi bands are always ones to keep an eye on and Woolen Kits are in the running this year.

[MP3] Woolen Kits - University Narcolepsy

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