Terror of The Deep

Seems Night People label head and guiding force Shawn Reed stumbled on this Terror of the Deep cassette, put out by Aussie underground label Hideotic, while touring in Australia. That the connection came through a member of The Twerps seems fitting as TOTD's sound fits well with their tuneful, melancholy, slightly askew take on the Kiwi pop sound that's been filtering through pretty much everybody's influences in the last few years. Reed was right to jump on the impulse to get this one to a Western audience. Its a loose and shaggy collection of tracks that feel as if they've been waiting to be stumbled on. In the best tradition of their NZ forefathers, the band shuffles and wraps jangle and psych, croon and hook into the kind of nuggets that seem to get placed on tapes full of bands you missed out on but "should totally have seen" when they were around. Well lucky thing is this isn't some long lost Kiwi-pop casualty and it’s recommended you picked up this cassette for yourself.

[MP3] Terror of the Deep - I Am Ocean

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