Pangea – Killer Dreams 7"
Pangea rose up out of nowhere with a great record last year on Burger that mixed the frayed desperate garage aesthetic that wrangled in the fury of Ty Segall with an earnest, croak throated pop that brought to mind Neutral Milk Hotel and Strange
Boys in places. Granted they may have not had the impact that NMH have had over the years but they still fulfilled the requisite ragged earnestness that made a legion of college students fall in love with taut, raw indie rock. This EP, a split between Ghostbot and Lauren Records, follows up their frayed LP quite nicely. The four songs on display here pick up where Living Dummy left off and they're brimming with fuzz addled, teeth clenched garage pop that moves closer to the Segall/Jay Reatard end of the spectrum. It’s a burnt tasseled display of white knuckle pop that burns itself to the quick and touches on the right formula of American indie spiritualism and self-made renaissance. It’s a step forward that holds nothing back. It seems that with every release the band issues, each is a decisive piece of the rough-stringed, furious puzzle.

[MP3] Pangea - River

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