There have been no shortage of analog synth-smiths lately who've delved into the world of vintage sounds and textures but it takes more than getting your hands on an old Roland or Korg and a stack of Popul Vuh and J.D. Emmanuel records to get it right. Norm Chambers has consistently proven his dedication to the kosmiche sound on releases across labels like Gift Tapes, Aguirre and Digitalis and with its attention to detail you'd be hard pressed to place this one on a proper timeline if it was mixed in among its 70's counterparts like Jürgen Mueller and the aforementioned Emmanuel. Of course other current synth instigators come to mind as well but while there are similarities to Oneohtrix Point Never, ADR and Dolphins Into the Future, Chambers honestly shares more in common with those seeking out the Library Music route a la RSTB recent faves Belbury Poly or their Ghost Box labelmates The Advisory Circle. This becomes especially clear in Panabrite's mixture of synth, guitar and programmed drum elements that feel at home with the NOVA, OMNI and television soundtrack work of the 70's era that felt both pastoral and futuristic simultaneously. Simply one of Chambers' best and a pretty essential pickup for 2012.

[MP3] Panabrite - Janus

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