The Kings - The Kings Are Here
The Kings were vendors of an over-the-top, but oh so sweet 80's pop of the most powerful variety, though leaning way heavier into the new wave category. Opened by a great double shot of "This Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide" which
melt into one another in a seamless sugar shock; the rest of the album never relents, buoyed by exuberant keys and the kind of pop swagger and hooks that most bands would kill for. However, they were relegated to a forgotten pile of 80's casualties. They may have been too pop for their own good, with many at the time preferring their punk, new wave and rock with some brooding under the surface. The band recorded a follow-up, also with producer Bob Ezrin, but his choices sent the band's core sound in too many directions and it subsequently tanked. The band reformed in 1995, releasing a new album with a remastered version of that classic double single, which will forever remain their best and brightest, but the rest of the album stands pretty close.

[MP3] The Kings - Switchin' To Glide

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