Jon Porras

Built like a soundtrack to a lonesome philosophical Western, Jon Porras (one half of RSTB fave Barn Owl) creates an epic that follows a doomed rider to the Black Mesa, a bridge between worlds. Few have picked up the reigns of the charred earth sound Neil Young created for the film Dead Man, but Barn Owl and Earth both seem to tap into its resonant mixture of Japanese dirge psychedelics, German Progressive's loss of time and space and the West Coast guitar sound that once had roots in the 60's boom of flowers and fuzz. It’s never hard to feel the dust catch in your throat, or the faint jingle of spurs, though the mastery of Porras' work is that it’s hard to tell if its for real or just a ghost of the mind. As usual he succeeds in turning the guitar into an instrument of transportation, much as his mythical Black Mesa itself, his works pull you out of time and into a scorched sun reality in which you can never look back.

Jon Porras - Into Midnight

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