We write about a ton of lost gems from the Japanese psych forest and it'd be easy to slot Há-Zá-Má in right alongside your Flower Travelin' Band, Strawberry Path and Blues Creation early cuts. Truthfully the band has been at it so long that many of their early releases would qualify for the Re-Released column but thankfully the band is still at it. Boasting none other than Michio Kurihara (of Ghost and White Heaven fame) in their initial line-up but having replaced him quite suitably with Roku's (of famed Japanese Deadhead showspace Yukotopia) spaced out blues power, the band has worked up this great tape for Sloow Tapes that's perfect to ease the Far East psych itch that may loom in your soul. Inspired by the events at Fukushima, the album serves largely as a critique on nuclear power and the locked in psych grooves fit protest rock like a glove. Though protest or not, this one's a Japanese psych burner that stands alongside any in the genre.

[MP3] Há-Zá-Má - So Tei Gai(Out of Thought)/Dangerous Toy

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