Gentleman Jesse

While most of Gentleman Jesse's men went on to form Barreracudas, Jesse Smith himself has shot back with a new album of jangled power pop that recalls the best bits of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello and The Jaggs. Chronicling a particularly dark time in his hometown of Atlanta which, following the economic collapse, has taken a turn for the worse but you'd never know it here because despite desperate times Jesse keeps things roiling in a lather of pop tones. And what could be a better defense against the onslaught of the great depression blues than an arm shot of pop? Absolutely nothing that's for damn sure. Smith is still at the top of the heap as far as concocting the right mix of bittersweet love tales and sunshine strings with a penchant for barrage thick pop guitar and the kind of choruses that elicit uncontrollable handclaps. It’s been a while since the Gentleman has graced our speakers (was it really 2008?) and he's a welcome sight in 2012.

[MP3] Gentleman Jesse - Take It Easy On Me

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