B.R. Garm

This marks the first release from RSTB fave Big Blood's new record label and its a damn fine place to start. Garm (aka Brendan Evans of long running psych travelers Visitations) strikes out here on his own to amble through lonesome folk hallways and traverse caverns of smoke damaged psych scrawl with an ambition for the doomier side of both. The album works like patchwork denim, rolled in off ramp dust and tied with the discarded guitar strings of too many lonesome nights. Evans joins ranks with some of our favorite frayed folk troubadours from the past few years; Jakob Olausson, Dylan Shearer and the crypto-shamanistic side of the James Jackson Toth catalog. He's found the secret to hearing the ghosts in the dark, then run them through tattered strings, worn tape and patched wires to divine the darkness in modern hermitage. Its the bedroom as slovenly temple, doom-casting apocalypse prayers captured to tape. Its hard to pin down any one song that could truly define The 78th Morning Tide as its best taken as a whole, from the deluge of the lock grooves that cap each side to the desperation blues take on Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". What is clear is that some years from now this one's going to show up on lists of records that the world should have been paying more attention to.

[MP3] B.R. Garm - Can You Feel It

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