Ben Vida

Ben Vida has shown up here before, under the guise of Bird Show, but his latest solo album sees him flexing both the experimental and scientific chops, making esstends - esstends - esstends one of his most engaging recordings to date. The album employs various tricks of the psychoacoustic nature. The label explains "...using just intoned pitch combinations to produce different tones and harmonic distortions, sound materials are created that emanate from both the playback speakers and inner ear of the listener. By engaging a sense of aural perception and sound localization in relationship to the compositional structure, these pieces act to reframe the listening experience and encourage an engagement with, not only the form and aesthetic of the music, but the sonic space a recorded piece of music projects. Higher amplitude will help to reveal." The album lives in a hallucinatory headspace that's both deeply submersive and highly unsettling. As PAN suggests, cranking this one up will definitely alter some perceptions.

[MP3] Ben Vida - Zizzlerz

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