Avengers - Avengers (Pink Album)
During their tenure Avengers didn't really record an album, but shortly after their untimely demise this eponymous retrospective picked up the pieces and singles and gave a rather amazing overview of their short career. The band was a key
piece of the San Francisco punk scene, playing at the famed Mabuhay Gardens and opening for The Sex Pistols at their Winterland show. Its easy to see the line drawn from Avengers' frantic punch to later West Coast punk upstarts like Black Flag and X but its just as important to see the influence Penelope Houston had on the representation and inclusion of female voices in the punk scene. Houston snarled with the best of her male counterparts and the influence of her delivery can be felt on everyone from X-Ray Spex' Poly Styrene to the explosion of female punk in the pacific northwest more than a decade later. Again, while the "Pink Album" may not be an album proper it does cull together some of the greatest blueprints of punk's thrash and the newest reissue includes some important documents of the band's live prowess, roping in performances from the aforementioned Mabuhay shows as well as some other rarities and outtakes.

[MP3] Avengers - The American In Me

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