White Hills

As White Hills headlined one of the only official RSTB shows of the last few years, it goes without saying that any time a new offering rolls around we're pretty excited around here to get our hands on it. Dave and Ego return with a blistering assault of ozone toasted heavy psych and its a welcome addition to the bands expansive catalog. This time, instead of fleshing tracks out in the studio, the band honed a few of these on the road and nailed down the details at BC Studios in Brooklyn with engineer/producer Martin Bisi. The tactical approach has lead Frying on this Rock to be honed into an space-rock epic that builds slowly and expansively, anchored by two of the band's most hypnotic long-form jams. If you've never experienced the band in the live setting then make it a point to check out upcoming dates in support of the new album and you can get an early taste by grabbing their recently released live set from this past Roadburn Festival. Its not the visual treat that comes with the real thing but a great insight into how the songs flesh out on stage.

[MP3] White Hills - Pads of Light (from Frying on this Rock)
[MP3] White Hills - The Condition of Nothing (from Live at Roadburn 2011)

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