Grouper's Liz Harris has been no stranger to collaboration and joint releases, lending her ghostly vocals to tracks by Ilyas Ahmed and Xiu Xiu and sharing splits with the likes of Roy Montgomery, Inca Ore, City Center and Xela. For the most part these artists share the same dark, pillowy spaces as her own gauzy pop, but on her recent collaboration with Tiny Vipers' Jesy Fortino Harris begins to bring her voice out into the open. Its still apparent when its Fortino on the mic, as she edges much further from the boundaries of the fog but when the two voices begin to meld together as on the gorgeous track "Mine," its hard to see why Harris has hidden behind the veil so long. With a lush background of Grouper-styled pop creeping in icy increments behind them Foreign Body feels slow motion stormfront rolling across the horizon but despite the menacing doom at its core you can't help but be wonder-struck by the way it makes the light take on an eerie beauty. Certainly a highlight in both artists' catalogs and sure to be a necessity on vinyl. Look for this one soon.

[MP3] Mirroring - Fell Sound

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