Ilyas Ahmed

Ilyas Ahmed burned his way into our consciousness way back in 2008 with Vertigo of Dawn and returned, with Grouper's Liz Harris in tow for the stunning follow-up, Goner in 2009. Since then he's re-teamed with Harris on an excellent split for Social Music's record club and now his scarred folk tears through our winter dreams on his latest, With Endless Fire. The album pulls Ahmed's voice from the shimmering haze that's surrounded some of his past releases but still keeps his dust worn dirges cloaked in layers of light and shadow. Pulled tight with a buzzing tension, the album is steeped in the grit toothed style of folk that's always made us love his work. The fuller sound from the Goner days returns, but there's an immediacy in the way the album has been played straight to analog tape. The emotions are fresh with blood and never overworked in layers of overdub and second guessing. It’s as accomplished an album as you're likely to hear from Ahmed and a stunning addition to an already stellar catalog.

Listen: Ilyas Ahmed - "Stained Sky"

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