Well the statute of limitations on discovering those hidden gems from 2011 still stands, though it’s getting close. Don't know how this one slipped through the cracks (probably because it was mostly available in Italy) but it’s a damn shame we're just stumbling on it now. Glam made a strong showing in 2011 with Smith Westerns and Mickey pulling from the genre but the Italian boys in Giuda (pronounced Joo-duh) have their steps in place and seem to bring wafts of glitter and leather back with every chord. The album is big and brash with the kind of swagger that only fits in ripped Levis and inspires a cavalcade of foot stomps and hand claps. Every inch of Racey Roller feels like a lost classic and the band pay a few nods to this in the ring worn cover design. Now the challenge remains to track down a viable copy of this one on vinyl, looks like Italian imports are the way to go but here's hoping for some more US love if possible.

[MP3] Giuda - Number 10

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