Belbury Poly

We teased a bit of Belbury Poly's newest opus with the video for "Summer Round" a few days ago but honestly this one deserves so much more than a passing mention and separating any piece from the whole seems a disservice. For those still in mourning for Broadcast (and you damn well should be) The Belbury Tales may salve your wounds a bit. Ghost Box label head Jim Jupp's musical entity is every bit as eclectic, eccentric and ingenious as the rest of his stable; and though it doesn't swerve as far into the Radiopohonic Workshop qualities that Broadcast and The Focus group may have there's still a lost 60's mentality at work here. As previously mentioned Jupp's Canturbury-prog focus is at the heart of the beast here and he seems to swerve between precious 60's folk, library music overtones, kosmiche float and Jaques Cousteau (and to an extent the Steve Zissou knock-off) soundtracks with amiable ease. There's also an element of Boards of Canada's geography textbook homage Geogaddi swirling under the surface, though refracted through a British history book filter rather than strictly earth sciences. As with most of our favorite albums, each listen to the The Belbury Tales unfolds more intimate detail, though fans of any Ghost Box release should find no surprise there. Its also wrapped in the immaculate artwork of Julian House, making this one of 2012's essential pickups in the vinyl format both for listening and display. Check out a great interview with Jupp over at FACT.

[MP3] Belbury Poly - Cantalus

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