The Band in Heaven – Sleazy Dreams 7"
HoZac have definitely turned their gaze on the garage-psych this year. Alongside that excellent LP from Radar eyes, their newest batch contains this gem from The Band in Heaven. Pulling a heap of darkness from the shoegaze pile these
Floridians have crafted a killer single in the title track "Sleazy Dreams" then slowed it down to its doomy core on the flip and re-christened it "Sludgy Dreams". The pair of tracks complement each other well and its a toss up for which one wins out. Though, the smoke sodden thrust of "Sleazy" seems made for hedonistic glory. Speaking of Christening, the band have created a video for both versions, each taking a liking to the darker side of the Christen idiom and both are well worth checking out. Two more dirge driven psych nuggets round out the midsection of this killer debut. Check out the vid for "Sleazy Dreams" below and the excellently Terry Gilliam-esque alternate for "Sludgy Dreams" HERE.

[MP3] The Band in Heaven - Sleazy Dreams

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...heard the band La Secta (from 25 years ago)?

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