Téléphone - Crache Ton Venin
A couple of weeks ago we featured the great lost album Different from The Dogs, one of a rare exceptions to the notion that French bands couldn't compete on a level with their U.S. and U.K. counterparts. Well, an even stronger argument
against such rumblings can be made after on listen to Téléphone. The band came together with former members of Sémolina and some fortuitous stand-ins that included the exhilarating guitarist Louis Bertignac. The band opened for several well known touring bands including Eddie & the Hot Rods and Television. This, their second album, was the point at which they achieved triumphant success in their homeland. The album is full of taught punk sneer and classic rock swagger. Unlike many of the bands that appear in this feature, Téléphone enjoyed a great deal of success, albeit mostly in France and the surrounding area. The band dissolved in 1986 with members of the original Sémolina reuniting to record some more funk oriented projects later on. This, however, remains a pinnacle of their career and indeed French rock itself.

[MP3] Téléphone - Fait Divers

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