Royal Baths

Back when we frist got wind of Royal Baths' cassette debut it hooked us in with its dark spirals of downer guitar and overcast lyrics that somehow lodged themselves between the folds of the brain and sat to fester. It was no surprised that the album was given a second life, rebranded Litanies and released by Woodsist. The band then jumped ship on their San Francisco roots, feeling a disconnect with the ever spreading garage scene there and moved to NY. Their sophomore album, on NYC label Kanine, shows few signs of tempering the dark guitar clouds that formed on the debut. In fact, Better Luck Next Life may be even further down the well in terms of strung out lyrics and itchy guitar snarls and its all the better for its sour disposition. The record seethes with heatsick vibrations and a VU-styled sour heroin shakes that seep out of the record and right under the skin. This one's fast crawling up our most played of 2012 list. Definitely pick one up.

[MP3] Royal Baths - Darling Divine

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