Rene Hell / Pete Swanson

Sharing two sides of a limited slab of vinyl, Pete Swanson (breaking out of the Yellow Swans mold) and synth master Rene Hell aka Jeff Witcher create a dichotomy of destruction and bliss. Swanson keeps things noisy as is expected but breaks from the total devastation that usually comes associated with anything bearing his Yellow Swans moniker. His side, a one track build that starts from a field of sonic debris and crescendos into a well constructed noise carving that bears a softer yet still jagged impact from one of noise's masters of the form. The flip sees RSTB favorite Rene Hell emerging from his suited release The Terminal Symphony with three new synth excursions that plunge down the well of sonic soup that brings to mind the analog wonderlands of the 70's. Hell is in fine form here bouncing between the wires and feting out a sort of negative Utopian bliss that feels as calm as it feels uneasy.

[MP3] Rene Hell - Walking In Tune

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Anonymous mischka said...

stil available on the label website : www.shelter-press.com

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