Karl O'Connor

So technically this one might fall under a re-released heading but it just didn't seem right. Released when Karl O'Connor, now known as Regis, was working under the alias Sandra Electronics and it’s a bit of a departure from those expecting the techno skitter that's become synonymous with his Regis alias (check out the EP on Blackest Ever Black for a good taste). These early recordings fall into the crevices occupied by Throbbing Gristle or even Cabaret Voltaire. It’s a hard edged, nihilistic valley of grey jagged beats intercut with the clang and scrape of noise floor fallout; occasionally even touching on a bit of post-punk that seems far stretched from the producer's later leanings. Hell, "I Understand" might even appeal to fans of newer noisemakers like Pop. 1280 and Puerto Rico Flowers. No matter how you approach White Savage Dance - time capsule, historical document, lost gem or just damn fine music that's finally getting its due; its clear that this will feel at home in any brittle collection.

[MP3] Karl O'Connor - Here and Now (English Version)

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