Hawkwind - Hall of the Mountain Grill
Its hard to understand sometimes how every college freshman owns a copy of Dark Side of the Moon and maybe a few even go so far as to throw in Yes or a little King Crimson, but Hawkwind fails
to wind up on the recommended listening list. Hall of the Mountain Grill, widely considered one of the band's pinnacles at least as far as studio albums go, is perfectly positioned to nab the most ardent Floyd fans. Its a superb mix of the space rock template and harder territories that would be explored by followers such as Blue Öyster Cult and their prog brethren. The album sees Lemmy getting more comfortable with his role in the band, penning the excellent "Lost Johnny" and enjoying a relatively stable period before he'd choose to exit the band after this album's follow-up Warrior on the Edge of Time. Thankfully much of the Hawkwind catalog is now finding its way back onto vinyl via the superb Plastic Head label. If your collection lacks this essential piece of the psychedelic puzzle. I'd highly recommend picking it up.

[MP3] Hawkwind - D-Rider

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Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Fabulous album! Saw them on that tour too...

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Ratfink95 said...

Such a cool band!! I discovered them by accident thanks to a book by Michael Moorcock who was appearing on tour with them at the time. Noted the band name in the foreword ( the book was dedicated to Lemmy!). Doremi Fasol Latido is probably my particular fav though.

5:27 AM  

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