Expo '70

Justin Wright returns with another floating vabrational anthem under the Expo '70 moniker. His latest release comes from small run masters Sound of Cobra and features two cuts of dark, driven Kosmiche marked with the usual high quality musicianship that we've come to expect from Wright. The title track is a definite highlight, underpinned by an ominous drone and Wright's snaking guitar only building the inky tension to a white-knuckled height. The second cut injects an Eastern raga template to Expo's usual adherence to the Space Rock/Kosmiche axis and its a fittingly ornate counterbalance to the title track's dark spirals. It seems that in our opinion, Wright can do little wrong and this Hovering Resonance is further proof of this theory. It is, however, extraordinarily limited so be sure to pick one up in its handsome vinyl packaging as soon as possible.

Listen: Expo '70 - Hovering Resonance

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