Donovan Quinn

On his third solo album away from the meadow of Skygreeen, Donovan Quinn drops the 13th Month moniker and heads out again just under his own name. Quinn has truly found his voice this time around, dusty tongued and besieged by the double edges of bittersweet melancholy and sun dappled euphoria that's always drawn the Leopards close to our hearts. Honky Tonk Medusa shares the summoner’s tale troubadour vibrations that former stagemate James Jackson Toth has employed under the many folds of his Wooden Wand habit proving Quinn to be quite the songwriter in his own right. There are some surprising moments that really pull the album out to the forefront of Quinn's work, not the least of which are the eerie Twin Peaks vibes that surface on "My Wife" and the breezy elegance of "Shadow on the Stone." Its been too long in our opinion since the Leopards have shared a stage but its hard to complain when their side journeys are so enjoyable.

[MP3] Donovan Qunn - Shadow on the Stone

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