The Steve Adamyk Band

After getting sick of the bands he was in imploding, breaking up or dissolving Adamyk (Million Dollar Marxists) went for the self-monikered setup, which seems like a damn fine idea. Revolving players? No problem, as long as you remain the core, your name lives on! Adamyk's initial efforts quickly sold out and the sophomore release for Dirtnap is just as infectious as the early singles and album. Rolling the shattered remains of 80's power pop, 90's garage and recent shreds of garage punk together into a whirlwind of catchy melodies and enough guitar crunch to rot your teeth. The Ottawaians (is that a word? It is now) definitely know their garage pop turf and even pay some homage to past masters with a Dickies cover on the second side. Winter needs a few fun releases like this, if nothing else to keep the blood moving and melt away the chill. A recommended addition to your December.

[MP3] Steve Adamyk Band - Landslide

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