Nothing People

Nothing People are always a welcomed return around here. The band has a proven knack for churning out dark punk deconstructions that somehow still seem to bury a few pop nuggets in the rubble. Smells Like Metal is no exception in that regard; a post-fallout, charred embers laden rocker with their pitch perfect nods to The Twinkeyz and Chrome fully intact. In dire times (or modern times actually) Nothing People's dark, squirming brand of rock seems to make sense. They brandish squall and anxiety like weapons against the ever encroaching tide of the world. They turn their backs on the light and embrace the coming darkness. Someday more than a few parties on the detention block will be soundtracked by their acerbic sweat. And you know that's just fine with us.

[MP3] Nothing People - Cathode Ray Tube / Gut Wind

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