No UFO's

Konrad Jandavs released Soft Coast on cassette in 2010 and now Spectrum Spools has given it a well deserved vinyl edition. Blending synth flutter and Kosmiche drift with a psychedelic touch that guides both halves, the album manages to make itself stick out amid a plethora of similarly minded synth projects. Jandavs has a keen sense of space and texture, blending noise elements and dropping beats out entirely to great effect. Adding to the already potent mix is Jandavs' use of some dry guitar crunch, which lends a bit of the raw nerve of punk that quivers down the VU/Spacemen/Suicide axis. Definitely a unique record that's well deserving of a second look and a vinyl presentation and one to keep an eye on in 2012.

[MP3] No UFO's - 00/00/2010

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