The Boys - Alternative Chartbusters
The Boys had a habit of always being declared on the brink of stardom and always falling short. Their first album mixed punk's edge and pop's bounce into a potent kicker of an album. Their second,
at the time, was somehow dismissed as sounding derivative of themselves. Though in later years it’s become something of a fetishized power pop gem (and rightly so). This reissue not only wraps up the great full album release but some great b-sides and even one of their holiday stints as "The Yobs". Some lineup changes after their third album led to rocky territory and after '81 the band drifted apart. But their reputation remained solid and eventually demand produced a series of reunions. Naturally this one is essential to any fans of the late 70's early 80's punk/power pop axis.

[MP3] The Boys - Do The Contract Hussle

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Thanks! I've been looking forward to these posts every Tuesday for a long time, and I love them! Keep it going

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