Denton TX's Video contains a few names familiar around these parts, chalking up another great release from members of the Wax Museums/Bad Sports/Silver Shampoo axis. Leather Leather is a tougher and weirder offering than many of the other projects its members inhabit, though. There's an element of Chrome run through the punk gutters of '84, though not quite to the degree of some recent punk outposts like Total Control or Nothing People. Though mostly there's just ball out, ripped kneed, massive headwound punk that's got not use for pop pretentions or pretty perfections. Adding to the fun, the record was recorded by Bad Sports/OPN III's main man Orville Neely in an all analog fashion, bathing the record in rough-etched grey and black hues and cementing the core of Video's rough chewed punk output.

[MP3] Video - Prison

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