Ulaan Khol

Another great bit of cinder and smoke from Stephen R. Smith's Ulaan Khol. La Catacomb acts as a proper follow-up to the impressive Ceremony trilogy that saw release over the past few years. Like those releases, this too is entrenched in strata of guitar noise and ambient flake. The release unfolds with the behemoth pacing of lumbering doom, or perhaps the sooty calm of its wake. Tenterhooks seem to be a favorite of Smith's as the album leaves the listener hanging on them, constantly waiting for the explosive fury to drop. But the genius of Ulaan Khol has always been in its restraint, constantly under the ax but fading before the chop. La Catacomb is definitely recommended for all who loved the trilogy or the darker elements of Elm and Barn Owl.

Listen: Ulaan Khol - Paraiah Dogs

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