The Toms - The Toms
I've been on an unabashed power pop kick lately and with those grey clouds swirling, little else can scare away the early winter blues like the sunniest of genres. The Toms (or rather just one Tom, Tom Marolda) have secured a place in most Power
Pop collectors hearts from an inclusion on the heralded Yellow Pills compilations but long before those days, The Toms self-titled LP fetched high prices due to its solid wall to wall pop hooks. The album has seen a couple of CD reissues with the second installment fleshing out the album with quite a few extras that rival the simple pop charm of the album tracks. The album is all the more impressive knowing that Marolda recorded the whole thing himself, overdubbing the parts for drums and bass long before the current conveniences of home recording made it so accessible. The album wafts in and out of print still and is in sore need of a vinyl reissue but for now you can pick it up digitally.

[MP3] The Toms - You Put Me Up To This

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE

On a similarly minded note; if you're up for a night of garage, power pop, glam and 70's era punk and you're in the NYC area, come on out to K&M in Williamsburg tomorrow night where I'll be DJing the first of what will hopefully a monthly series.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Power pop is the best! Good luck at your show

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good call. been into The Toms for awhile.

4:51 PM  

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