As the end of the year draws close there's still plenty of gems to pluck out of the pile and Swiftumz has recently jumped up the stack over here. If your copies of the last few releases by Ariel Pink and James Ferraro are getting worn then its time to add Chris McVicker to your list of favorite R. Stevie Moore acolytes. McVicker's past pop pedigrees (he's been a collaborator and songwriter for Hunx and His Punx) grow clear from the first few tracks on Don't Trip. The bubblegum glitz gets a home taped make over here but the hooks stick just as hard into the cracks and crevices of your brain. Though it seems that on his own McVicker's more at home sweeping up bits and pieces of 80's British dance pop than he is on the punk-eyed soul that his boy Hunx invokes. Still the driving tempos and chewy pop center of this record have it quickly eking into the rotation more and more. Don't count 2011 down and out yet, there's still one more month to find a few favorites.

[MP3] Swiftumz - 4EVA

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