Ensemble Economique

Over the past few years Brian Pyle's (Starving Weirdos) solo project has begun to blossom into a force of atmospheric synth propulsion. Evolving from early sound sketches into fully formed soundtracks filled with longing, paranoia and encroaching darkness; his songs have come to exemplify the current synth resurgence while also rising above it to achieve a larger vision. Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight is undoubtedly Pyle's most complex and complete album to date. It unfolds as a narrative landscape that's as dense as the most poured over musical scores and equally as emotionally complex. The swelling single "To Feel The Night As It Really Is", which first appeared on its own, is now entwined in a album wrought with cracked glass emotions, wire wrapped tension and a bittersweet ebb of ennui. Though there is no companion script, it feels as if characters rise and fall, weep and sigh throughout the course of the album. Pyle has rendered a tensile world of feeling through his score and in the end you're left wondering what will happen to his and your own imaginary characters next.

Listen: Ensemble Economique - Heat Wave

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