The Barreracudas

There's something about 2011 that just seems perfectly aligned for a massive influx of garage punk with a heavy dose of power-pop glitter and plenty of glam swagger. Sitting on the shelf next to your newly purchased Bare Wires, Bad Sports and Mickey releases you'll need to clear a slot for the latest offering from The Barreracudas. The cheekily titled Nocturnal Missions sounds carved straight out of the 77-81 reign of wide-eyed power poppers, even going so far as to cover a nugget from the Cheap Trick catalog. The biggest contrarian arguments I've seen against the current crop of garage pop-a-teers seems to be that they're not breaking any new ground. To that I say, "I'm sorry I can't hear you, this Barrercudas record is way too loud." New ground or not, these are some damn fun records that deserve your feet to be dancing and your worries packed away for tomorrow.

[MP3] The Barreracudas - Don't Roll Your Eyes

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