True Widow

True Widow reach for length in more than just album titles on their new EP. At 14+ minutes, the title track of their new EP I.N.O. is one of the most expansive statements in their catalog, but aside from indulging in a doomscraping jam of epic proportions, the band also brings a few of their most unencumbered and dare we say, accessible tracks to date. Aside from the shoegaze romp of Night Witches their previous album seemed to stick to the shadows and mists, but three tracks here elevate the band to a plateau of clarity previously left untouched. Here the band rides the edge of lonesome desert blues and swamp doom that has usually been left to the likes of Barn Owl and more recent offerings from Earth, while thrusting themselves further into the dark corners of shoegaze they'd just begun to explore on their last effort. Highly recommended that you pick this one up!


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