The Strange Boys

The Strange Boys have long been favorites around here and their classic rock swagger meets punk sound has fueled more than a few of RSTB's days and nights. Ryan Sambol's impassioned croak has anchored the band through the swells of change of the past few years but in a surprising turn of events its used to express a great deal of pain and exhaustion on the latest Live Music. Their last album showed inklings of slowing their pace but the majority of this latest from the Texas crew is a downtempo, road worn romp through much more of that classic rock terrain than they've covered than ever before. Harmonicas and piano's take the front seat with their typical jangles slowed to a strum. It's a mature side of the Strange Boys and a nice counterpoint to their other two albums. Though while a welcomed change of pace, I secretly can't help but hope after catching their breath, the boys return to former tempos on the next one.

[MP3] The Strange Boys - Me and You

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