Steve Hauschildt

Nowhere near as prolific as his bandmates in Emeralds but no less integral to the sound and scene that the band has come to represent, Hauschildt steps out from behind the curtain for a practiced, precise and more importantly, gorgeous, solo release. Tragedy and Geometry's is "a treatise on the idea that technology is becoming more disposable as it's becoming more accessible;" a theme that might seem perfectly suited to an artist as enmeshed in the analog past of music technology as Hauschildt. He seems to strike a balance with this legacy while obviously embracing the forward movement of electronic music here. The two beacons of the album's namesake hover over every note of Tragedy and Geometry and becomes a precision delivery of the former as refracted through the technological prism of the latter. Here, Hauschildt has taken his step out from the fold of Emeralds and truly created something that stands alone; a pulsing, bittersweet sweep through the kosmiche wires of the heart.

[MP3] Steve Hauschildt - Batteries May Drain

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