Quill - Quill
This is one of those albums that I've been looking for on and off since I was a kid. The eye-catching cover art graced those inner sleeve advertisements on copies of a few of my parents' records and I was always intrigued to hear what sound lay
behind the cover. Years later I learned that the band had played Woodstock, only to be cut out of the following film and album due to their film crews not being set up in time to film them on Saturday, and thus their legacy has been rather obscured by time. The band was even hired by the festival's promoters to play a series of goodwill shows in NY state prisons and mental hospitals leading up to the event in order to quell some fears about the impact Woodstock would have on the surrounding community. Not sure how psychedelic rock for prisoners quells any of those fears but that's what happened anyway. Their Woodstock appearance had fueled much of buzz around their record deal and their failure to appear in the post-festival film put a damper on the record's promotion. Though the band recorded a follow-up it was not released by Cotillion and the band dissolved in 1970 with the band's Jon Cole going on to produce and Roger North joining a later version of the Holy Modal Rounders.

[MP3] Quill - The Tube Exuding

Here's some of the only surviving footage of the band playing at the festival, from the outtakes of the film.

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