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The Skull Defekts recent album with Daniel Higgs is one of the band's rawest, most visceral recordings yet and the ensuing tour brought that sonic fury to many stages across the country. On the tour the band hooked up with Higgs' former Lungfish bandmate Asa Osborne (aka Zomes) as an opener. The two groups ended up finding harmony on stage and Osborne began playing a few songs with them, eventually resulting in a new track built on the road. After a cancelled date, the band was able to turn misfortune into kismet by using the time to slip into Rhode Island's Machines With Magnets studio to lay down a few tracks that would become 2013-3012. The EP contains three new tracks, the one they worked out with Osborne on the tour alongside two written in the studio that day. The A-side consists of the three songs recorded during the session. The B-side is meant to be played from the inner-most groove out and plays the same tracks backward. Below is a composite of the A and B-side versions of "Children of the Skull Defekts".

[MP3] The Skull Defekts - Childrenerdlihc

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